MWD Honey Drinks

150 & 250 ml

MWD Honey Drinks preserve the natural flavour and taste of honey while stimulating our taste buds for full indulgence. These flavoured carbonated drinks contain pure honey from Australia. To this, we have carefully blended our product with fruits that go ‘hand-in-hand’ with the delicate taste of pure Honey.

Besides being the top choice to quench your thirst, MWD Honey Drinks compact the health benefits of honey in a small convenient bottle.

MWD Honey Drinks are manufactured under the most stringent manufacturing process using the finest selection of honey, to bring out the best of a REAL honey carbonated drink available in 5 refreshing flavours – Original Honey, Lemon, Apple, Ginger and Pear.

Quantity Per Carton

24 x 150 ml
24 x 250 ml

Quantity Per 20 FCL

2880 (150 ml)
1875 (250 ml)