V-Min Gold Sour Plum

150 & 250 ml

A “favourite drink” in many countries, our V-MIN Gold Sour Plum drink is the best thirst quencher on a hot sunny day. It tastes amazingly refreshing, soothing and fragrant with the sweet goodness of real sour plum cleverly blended with vitamins C, B2 & B6.

Our V-Min Gold Sour Plum delivers a punchy and healthy drink when you need to stay hydrated.

It is a Non-Carbonated drink with a very special taste. Designed to deliver a ‘healthy and good-for-you’ option, Sour Plum hits the spot.

Quantity Per Carton

24 x 150 ml
24 x 250 ml

Quantity Per 20 FCL

3004 (150 ml)
1875 (250 ml)