Walker’s Keram Coconut Milk Powder

150, 300 g & 1 kg

Walker’s Keram Coconut Milk Powder is your instant solution to coconut cream that makes your dishes taste great. This product performs particularly well for the consumer and is a high quality coconut milk powder.

We have taken great care to have a process that minimizes the time from ‘harvesting’ the coconut, to the time taken to remove the ‘meat’ and then extract the milk. At all stages we ensure that only the best quality product is produced.

Convenient and easy to use, it is great to take with you when travelling since it has no need of refrigeration. It dissolve quickly when stirred in hot water. No whitening additive or colouring is added. Light and natural consistent texture, gluten free, dairy free and 100% natural.

Quantity Per Carton

48 x 150 g
24 x 300 g
10 x 1 kg

Quantity Per 20 FCL

1200 (150 g)
1000 (300 g)
840 (1 kg)